Before Sushant's death, Mahesh Bhatt's assistant consoled Riya on social media! Mystery is thickening


The name of Mahesh Bhatt has come up again in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. A Facebook post by director's assistant writer Suhrita Das is going viral on social media again where she was seen consoling Rhea Chakraborty over Sushant's death.

This Facebook post of Suhrita Das has gone viral on Netdunia before. He later deleted the post. But one thing netizens find extremely suspicious. Suhrita posted about Sushant's death a few minutes after 11 am on June 14. But the news of Sushant's death was first known in the news media Goes Two hours later, that is, at 1 o'clock.

In such a situation, the question arises, how did Suhrita post about Sushant's death at 11 am? According to reports, at that time everyone was busy making fake keys to open the lock of Sushant's house. So did he already know the news of the actor's death? Suhrita deleted the post before it went viral.

Addressing Riya in the post, he wrote, ‘While everyone is mourning Sushant Singh Rajput, I am by your side. I saw how you continued to try to handle him. My duty as a mother and countryman is to tell everyone that there is no cure for depression in medical science. '

He further wrote, ‘Whenever you rushed to Mr. Bhatt’s office, I would target your struggle to get Sushant’s public advice. I will never forget that day on the roof of Sushant's house. Everything seemed to be fine. But the sleeves were moving in and out. Sir saw that. That's why he drew the example of Parveen Babi and said that if you don't move away from Sushant, he will drown with you. You have done more than you can do. '

Earlier, Mumbai Police had summoned Mahesh Bhatt, the father of record statements. Then rumors were heard that the police may also interrogate the director in the context of this post of Suhrita Das.