Before today's match, Karthik is under great pressure and Dhoni is facing a big test


Bangla Hunt Desk: Two experienced wicket keepers of India are going to play in one of the most important matches of IPL today. Dinesh Karthik's Kolkata Knight Riders on one side and Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings on the other. However, before entering the field today, both the teams are under a lot of pressure because there has been a lot of criticism about the role of the captain of both the teams.

However, before today's match, Dhoni was a little relieved. After losing three matches in a row, Chennai Super Kings won the last match by a great 10 wickets. The team has two openers in great rhythm. On the other hand, after the loss to Delhi Capitals in the last match, there has been a lot of pressure on Dinesh Karthik. On the one hand, just as Dinesh Karthik failed completely with the bat, so too many questions have been raised about Dinesh Karthik's captaincy.

Even if there is no run in Dhoni's bat, there is not much room to talk about Dhoni's captaincy. However, criticism has started about Dinesh Karthik's captaincy and therefore Dinesh Karthik is under a lot of pressure in today's match. There are also questions about Dinesh Karthik's batting position. How many numbers will Dinesh Karthik come to bat? Who will open the Knight Riders in this match? These grandparents' questions have already begun to arise. However, it is needless to say that today's match is going to be a tough fight.