Besides Yogita and Sridevi, Mithun is married to another lascivious woman, this is the actor's first legal wife!

BanglaHunt Desk: Mithun Chakrabarty, as the name is known in Tollywood, is just as popular in Bollywood. Mithun's journey in the world of acting started with Bollywood. For a time, he ruled the world of Hindi cinema.

But the name of this Bengali boy is not less popular but also controversial. There are allegations of multiple love, relationship and marriage in the name of Mithun. The actor tied the knot with popular actress Yogita Bali. But even before that, Mithun was married to an actress.

Mithun's first wife was Helena Luke, who starred in the 1970 film Judai. However, many do not know about this marriage. Mithun and Helen got married secretly. But their family did not survive. After only 4 months, their marital relationship broke down. The actor divorces Helena and marries Yogita.

This is the story of marriage. Mithun's relationship before marriage was not less. He had an affair with actress Sarikar before his marriage to Helena. Mithun's relationship with Sridevi was at its peak. The actor was married to Sridevi even though he was married. Mithun himself admitted this.

Once in an interview, Mithun himself told about his marriage to Sridevi. Despite being married to Yogita Bali, he also secretly married Sridevi. In addition, Yogita Bali was not left to know this.

It is learned that in the end, Mithun was forced to give up his relationship with his mother Sridevi. He threatened the actor that he would commit suicide if he continued this relationship. Mithun was forced to break up with Sridevi to save his family.