Bhagavad Gita wrote on rice grains! Earlier, he wrote the proposal of the constitution on his hair

Bangla Hunt Desk: The law student of Hyderabad came to the headlines by writing Bhagavad Gita on 4,042 grains of rice. Ramagiri Swarika, a law student who wrote the Bhagavad Gita on rice grains, claimed to be the first micro-artist in her country, saying it took her about 150 hours to do the job.

Ramagiri Swarika said, ‘I have created more than 2,000 fine works of art so far. My recent job is to write the Bhagavad Gita in 4,042 rice grains. And it took me 150 hours to do this. I use different products to make micro art. I also do art on paper, drawing on sesame seeds. ”

A few days ago, Swarika wrote a constitution proposal in her hair, after which she was honored by Telangana Governor Tamilisai Suranjan. “After presenting my work at the national level, I want to take my work to the international stage,” he said.

Swarika said, ‘I have been passionate about art and culture from the very beginning and because of this I have received many awards since my childhood. I set foot in the world of fine art four years ago with a picture of Lord Ganesha on a grain of rice. Then I started writing the English alphabet on rice grains. ”

In 2019, Swarika was honored with a state award by the Delhi Cultural Academy and was honored as an Indian fine artist. “I have received honors from the 2017 International Order Book of Records and in 2019 I have received state awards from the Cultural Academic of Delhi,” he said. So far I have worked on more than 200 fine arts.