Bhishma's grandfather is eating cooler air! This picture of the tumultuous viral Mahabharata


Banglahant Desk: In the midst of lockdown, Mahabharata is back on television. And it has gone on the trending list without returning. The artists of this timeless series have also risen in popularity. But just as everything in the world of the internet goes viral overnight, it is also difficult to predict when it will become a 'meme material'.
This is exactly what happened with the Mahabharata. Mim is now being made in Dedar with this series. Because? An air cooler placed behind Bhishma's grandfather! Yes, netizens have seen such a scene recently. During the ceremony, some of the coolers placed behind Bhishma caught my eye. And that's why laughter has started.

A picture on Twitter is now viral, showing a large white object behind Bhishma that looks exactly like the front blade of an air cooler. Looking at this picture, many people think that the shooting was probably going on in the summer and even after the cameras started, the people on the set forgot to remove the cooler.

Some have commented that this proves that the Mahabharata was far ahead of its contemporaries. Again, many have found similarities with the popular web series Game of Thrones. There too the people on the set accidentally forgot to remove the cup of coffee placed in front of a character.

However, in this case, some Twitter users have tried to find out the real truth behind the scenes. And it turns out that it is not actually a cooler, but a part of the arranged pillars of the set. That picture is also going viral.