Big allegation against the government of Bengal, the state is reluctant to return the paramilitary workers by train


Banglahunt Desk: From the very beginning of the lockdown, the name of West Bengal has been repeatedly raised on controversial issues. Bengali has been the victim of many criticisms many times. There have been complaints that Corona (COVID-19) sufferers are not being treated properly, but there have been complaints of negligence in the death toll. In fact, during the team inspection from the center, they were also accused of non-cooperation against Bengal.

The state government is reluctant to bring migrant workers back on the train Expatriate Indians from different countries have been and are being repatriated due to the corona virus. This time, the West Bengal government is reluctant to bring back the migrant workers stranded for work in different states of the country by taking two trains from Ajmer Sharif and Kerala.

States only have to pay 15 per cent of the train ticket Many of the stranded workers in the state have already decided to return home on foot due to lack of traffic in the lockdown. As soon as their issues came to light, the government helped them. At present, the railway authorities have said that the states have to pay only 15 per cent of the fare, but the Bengal government is not agreeing to such allegations.

Though the Maharashtra government agreed to the proposal, it was later rejected The Maharashtra government had sought permission from Thane to repatriate migrant workers from Bengal. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee initially agreed, but later denied it. The Maharashtra Chief Secretary discussed the matter with the West Bengal Chief Secretary and assured to bring back the migrant workers.

So far, the railways have run 6 trains for migrant workers So far, the railway authorities have run six trains to repatriate migrant workers. Out of which 35 trains have already reached the destination and 32 trains are targeted to reach. The state government has allowed 24 trains to return to Bihar and 15 to Uttar Pradesh. The railway authorities are also providing 21 more train services.