Big Breaking: Indian Army kills 4 militants, including 12 lakh Inami militants Riaz Naik


Bengali Hunt Desk: In Jammu and Kashmir, there was an encounter between the army and militants on Wednesday. Riyaz Naikoo, a militant worth Rs 12 lakh, was killed in the encounter. Encounters between militants and the army began in the Sharshali excavation area of ​​Pulwama in Kashmir on Wednesday.

Earlier, in an encounter in Pulwama district, Hizbul Mujahideen commander Riaz Naiku and another of his comrades were surrounded by the army and the internet was shut down in the entire area. Officials said the internet service was shut down due to caution. A police spokesman said the army had encountered militants in Begpura area of ​​Pulwama district in south Kashmir.

The official said, “Police raided Begpura after receiving information from a secret source. A senior official has been monitoring the situation since last night. ” The spokesman said a top commander was surrounded after the militants were found. If the authorities did not name him.

The official said the army launched a search operation in the area after receiving information that militants were hiding in Sharshali village. He said the militants started firing at the army when they saw themselves surrounded. The army then fired back.