Big decision of the government! India will return all Chinese kits


Bengali Hunt Desk: The central government has taken a big decision regarding the bad antibody test kit sent to India from China. Union Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan said the countries that sent the bad kits would be sent back. Among the countries, China has the first name. Those kits were requested for corona testing, but those kits will be shipped because they are defective. He said the money for these kits has not been paid yet. There have been complaints from many states about these kits.

Health Minister and State Minister for Health Ashwini Chaubey spoke to health ministers of all the states through video conferencing. There, he said, all defective antibody kits would be returned. He said they would be returned no matter from which country they were bought. He also said that the money for this kit has not been paid yet.

Speaking to state health ministers, the Union Minister said, “We will send senior officials to help you when needed.” They will not be sent for surveillance. They will hold your hand and go for your cooperation. ”

All over the country, questions have been raised about the kits of Chinese companies, Europe has already banned Chinese kits. European countries have returned 2 million kits to China because the kits are defective. Allegedly, China sent the kits to India a month later. Although the initial investigation yielded satisfactory results, questions were raised about the kit after it was sent to the state, after which the kit was discontinued.