Big diplomatic victory India, Bangladesh canceled the agreement to build a port with a loan from China

Bangla Hunt Desk: Sonadia Island is an island bordering Bangladesh. In 2006, after negotiations with China, it was decided that Bangladesh would build a port there, funded by China, Jinping's country. Debts of ১০ 10-14 billion were also discussed. But no one knew what the interest rate would be.

Sheikh Hasina agreed to Jinping's proposal

Bangladesh did not want to miss this tempting offer. Sheikh Hasina agreed to Jinping's offer to increase business contacts due to the small number of ports in her country. Accordingly, in consultation with the two countries, it was decided that Chinese companies would help finance the construction of this port in Bangladesh. But China's target was to build a 'One Belt One Road' through this port.

Verbal discussions are between the two countries

Despite verbal talks between the two countries, no agreement has been signed in this regard. The issue was discussed at a meeting between Chinese President Jinping and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. There is even talk of taking 14 billion. However, despite written word of mouth, no written agreement has been reached.

India warns Bangladesh

In order to save the land mafia from China, India had warned its neighbor Bangladesh before borrowing this huge amount of money. For example, how the Chinese government annexed the island of Sri Lanka after borrowing money from China. He also reminded about the heavy interest rate.

Bangladesh canceled the agreement

The Bangladesh government has not signed any agreement with China in this regard, citing the warning of neighboring India. Even in 2020, the Bangladesh government announced the complete cancellation of this agreement. Bangladesh poured water on all the hopes of the Chinese government.