Big news: 3,000 Indian doctors declare war against Corona, army doctors will remain


Bangla Hunt Desk: More than 3,000 doctors are going down in the fight against Corona. Among them are Government Retired and Indian Army Physicians. Private doctors will also support the government in the fight against Covid-1.

On March 25, the government appealed to these doctors to take part in the fight against Corona. Officials said about 5,000 volunteer doctors, including retired government, military medical doctors and private practice doctors, were taking part in the fight.

In a statement published on the website of the Policy Commission on March 27, the government said that doctors and doctors who want to join the fight against Corona can register their name on the website. Along with this, the government also applied for universal health care and training hospitals for volunteer doctors who are fully fit and want to participate in this work.

Let me tell you, there have been three new cases in India since yesterday. The Health Ministry's Joint Secretary, Lob Agarwal, said that 25 people have been infected with the virus. And 3 people died. Of these 3 people, 12 died yesterday. So far, 4 patients have recovered from this deadly virus.

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