Big news: Eight people died due to gas leak in Visakhapatnam! 5 thousand sick! Prime Minister Modi called an emergency meeting


Bengali Hunt Desk: Chemical gas leak at lg polymers factory in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Eight people died and more than 300 were hospitalized in the incident on Thursday morning. Also over 5,000 people are sick. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called an emergency meeting on the incident.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Reddy has reached the hospital to meet the sick. This incident has created panic in the entire state. The villages around the factory have been instructed to evacuate immediately.

After the Visakhapatnam incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called a meeting of the NDMA at 11 am. This information was provided by the Prime Minister's Office. On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi said that the Home Ministry has spoken to the officials of the National Disaster Management Authority about the incident. Special attention has been paid to this case. “I am praying for the safety and well-being of everyone in Visakhapatnam,” he said.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “The incident of gas leak in Vizag is a matter of great concern. We are keeping a close watch on this incident.” I am praying for the safety of the people there.

The Andhra Pradesh DGP said seven deaths were reported so far. One of them fell into a well while running to save his life. The incident of gas leak happened around 3:30 this morning. Rescue work is underway. He said the factory was closed due to the lockdown.