Big news: serious crime case filed against some members of the Tabligh church including Maulana Saad


Bangla Hunt Desk: The quarantine period of Maulana Saad, the organizer of the Tablighi Jamaat, has ended. Delhi Police's Crime Branch has filed a lawsuit against the members of the Tabligh Jamaat for taking stern action. Maulana Saad has also been sued under section 4 of the IPC. It is alleged that due to Maulana Sad, members of the Tabligh church spread to various states in the country and after receiving signs of coronary infection among them, the corona spread among others.

Let me tell you, the police sent two notices to Maulana Saad and asked to assist in the investigation. But Maulana Saad had said that he would not come forward to send himself to Quarantine. At the same time, Maulana Saad said that since Marquez is closed, no information can now be given. It is to be noted that the Delhi police conducted a search and collected many documents from Marquez and investigated them. This time, police have arrested Maulana Saad and are trying to move the investigation into the case.

On the other hand, police have arrested four foreigners belonging to the Tablighi Jamaat from different districts of Bihar. They have been accused of violating the visa rules. Upendra Sharma, a senior police officer in Patna, said that a total of eight Kyrgyz residents came to India on a tourist visa, and they had come to this country and preached religiously. He said they have been lodged under the foreign law and sent to jail.

It is worth mentioning that on March 25, police were taken into custody from Digha and Phulbari Sharif police stations in Patna and a medical examination was conducted at Radar Patna. They were sent to Quarantine in different locations after not receiving the Corona virus infection.

Kishanganj Superintendent of Police Kumar Ashish said, “Another Indonesian citizen who came to India on a tourist visa was arrested for violating the visa rules and after being informed by the police after coming to Kishanganj, they were arrested at Sadar Police Station. He said that they had a medical examination on March 7, and the report came four days later. Coronary infection was not seen in any of those reports. Ashish said all these foreigners were kept in a quarantine at a local mosque carefully.

Three foreign nationals have been arrested in connection with violating the visa rules in Bihar's Auria district. Superintendent of Police Dhurat Sayli said that among the foreigners arrested, four were from Malaysia and 4 from Bangladesh. Among them, a case has been registered against the Malaysian citizens at Auria police station and five Bangladeshi citizens at Narapatganj police station. Arriving from Delhi to Auria, these Malaysian citizens underwent medical examination on March 25. But they did not get any signs of coronary disease.

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