Big news: Seven million test kits are going to get ICMR in two days for coroner testing


Bangla Hunt Desk: About seven lakh rapid antibody testing kits (ICMR) will be given to the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) by April 8. This will make it easier to test Covid-1 in the Corona hotspot area. Hotspots are the areas where most cases come out. Delivery through ICMR plan. It is expected that five lakh kits will be handed over to them in the first phase. And an order has been placed for it.

Earlier, the ICMR had set a new protocol for health workers to start a rapid antibody-based blood test on Sunday. While the Covid-1 case has come out in a big way, the top medical search center has developed a new strategy for reporting in cluster areas.

ICMR has said that cases of infectious diseases such as influenza will be monitored at the health facility. The case will be monitored intensively and subsequently, and this report will be placed before the surveillance officer or the chief medical officer for additional investigation.

ICMR's doctor R “We have identified a number of hotspot areas,” said Ganga Kherkar. It is also exploring whether the disease is spreading more or less in that area. And rapid antibody tests are needed for this. If a person is found to be positive in this test, he or she will be sent to Quarantine for 3 days. RT-PCR tests will also be done to confirm.

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