Big push in IPL, 2 umpires withdraw from IPL after cricketers


Bangla Hunt Desk: Corona infection is spreading all over the country at the moment. The number of daily attacks has touched about 4 lakh. In such a situation when the country is in a precarious situation, but the IPL is going on in its own rhythm. However, even though the IPL is going on, cricketers, umpires, supporting staff and all those associated with the IPL are being kept in the complete bio-safety zone. Complete spectator zero is being played in the stadium.

Despite the tightness of the safety zone, three Australian cricketers have already left the IPL and returned home in fear of Corona. This time, two umpires Nitin Menon and Paul Riffel withdrew from the IPL. Nitin Menon is an Indian umpire while Paul Riffel is an Australian. The only way to be on the ICC elite panel is to have umpire Nitin Menon. Nitin Menon’s umpiring in several recent series has received wide acclaim around the world.

It is learned that several members of Nitin Menon’s family have been affected by Corona and he has left the IPL and returned home to stand by his family members during this difficult time. A BCCI official said, “Several members of his family fell ill with Corona and left the IPL and returned home in a hurry. Because it was not possible for him to manage the match at such a bad time of the family. However, we have already prepared a number of umpires so we will have no problem managing the match. ”