Big shock in China! The United States will no longer honor Jinping as president

Bangla Hunt Desk: Under Enemy Law, Chinese President Xi Jinping will no longer be shown as President in any US government document. The law follows remarks by U.S. officials calling Jinping secretary general. Although there is no possibility of a vote to enforce the law in this session.

In Washington, lawmakers reportedly introduced a bill to change the way the government addresses China's top leaders, calling for a ban on the use of the word president. It said that according to the role of the Chinese Communist Party, China's top leaders should be given great respect. At present, China's top leader, Jinping, holds three official Chinese posts, none of which are presidential.

He was honored as the top leader, president of the Central Army Commission and secretary general of the Communist Party. Even then, the rest of the English-speaking countries, including US President Donald Trump, addressed China's top leader as president. According to experts, the word president is used for leaders elected by the people. And that is why an elected leader would be insulted by calling China's top leader the president.

The law states that addressing China's top leader as president will give people the impression that he has been democratically elected. But this idea is wrong. It cannot be considered independent and neutral. The bill was introduced in the US House of Representatives by Republican Scott Perry.

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