Big steps of Modi government, no Chinese content will be available in the army canteen this time

Again, Modi government in a strong mood against China, no Chinese-made products will be available in the army canteen from now on. Besides, it is known that products of other countries may also be banned in the future. The center wants to move towards making the army canteen completely indigenous by eliminating foreign goods.

Although India has not declared a direct war against China in the wake of the Ladakh tensions, it has stepped on the path to self-reliance by reducing its dependence on China. The people of the country are already relying on their own products instead of various products made in China. This time the Modi government has taken another step in that direction.

The Modi government's defense ministry said Chinese products were banned in a total of 3,500 army canteens from Siachen in the north to Andaman and Nicobar in the south. It is known that out of more than 5,000 products in the army canteen, more than 400 are Chinese. From now on, instead of these, domestic products will be available in the canteen.

A few days ago, Rahul Sharma, one of the founders of Micromax, shared a video on his Twitter account. However, he did not share any information about the smartphone series in the tweet video.

“Ever since the Prime Minister declared a self-reliant India, we have decided to work on it,” he said. So Micromax is coming back to India with the new ‘in’ series of mobiles. In the video, Rahul Sharma also showed the box of the upcoming smartphone.