Big win against black money Modi government's second list of Indian customers was obtained from Swiss Bank


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Narendra Modi Government has achieved great success in the fight against black money. The Swiss government will provide a second list of Swiss bank's Indian customers to the Indian government, according to a new exchange arrangement initiated with Switzerland under the Black Money Agreement. The Swiss government says it has shared information on 3.1 million Swiss bank accounts with six countries.

India is one of the six countries with which the Federal Tax Administration of Switzerland (FTA) has exchanged information on financial accounts under a global standard framework for automated exchanges this year. Earlier in September 2019, Switzerland shared this information with 75 countries, including India. According to the information received, India is one of the major countries with which Switzerland has shared this information.

The FTA said in a statement on Friday that about 3.1 million financial accounts were involved in the initial exchange this year. However, the statement did not mention India separately among the six countries. But officials say India is one of the major countries with which Switzerland has shared account details of Swiss bank customers and other financial institutions.

Officials said most of the data shared with six countries this year included Indian nationals and Indian resources. Officials say Swiss authorities have shared information with more than 100 Indian nationals and organizations in the past year at India's request, and they are facing charges of tax evasion and financial embezzlement.