Bigg Boss boycotts call on social media alleging obscenity, ultimate obscenity


Banglahunt Desk: Bigg Boss, the most popular and most controversial reality show on television, has started from October 3. There is no shortage of controversy this time around as well as in the Big Sit. In addition, this 14th season has faced controversy before it started.

Bigg Boss can't be called a family show. And this season is even more controversial. From the very beginning, the viewers have brought allegations of indecency against the contestants of the show. Kissing or physical intimacy in front of the camera is not new in Bigg Boss's room. This incident has been seen in the previous season as well.

But this time it is as if one obscenity after another has been going on from the beginning. Recently a promo has come out on behalf of Bigg Boss. This time the contestants have faced a new task there. The female contestants were asked to win the heart of last season's winner Siddharth Shukla. The one who can win Siddhartha's mind will become 'immune'. No.That means no one else will be able to get him out of the show.

In order to win this task and to win Siddhartha's mind, the ultimate obscenity started among the female contestants. One by one the contestants in wet clothes came up with the physical appeal. After watching this promo, the eyes of the net public have risen.

Many have called for a boycott of the Big Boss. The ultimate obscenity in the house of Bigg Boss is this season, the public has demanded to boycott this controversial reality show performed by Salman Khan.