Bike Tips: If you want to do a long trip by bike, then make foolproof preparations like this, there will be no problem


Bike Tips: बाइक से करनी है लॉन्ग ट्रिप, तो ऐसे करें फुलप्रूफ तैयारी, नहीं होगी दिक्कत

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How to Plan Bike Trip: Summer is here, and there are many who would rather head to the mountains for adventure. If you are also going to go on a bike ride or a long trip to the mountains, then it is expected that you must have made all the preparations. If not, then there is nothing to worry about. today we will tell you that Motorcycle What are the things needed to travel long distances? All these things will make your journey easy and your bike trip memorable.

The biggest problem of a long trip is that many times difficulties have to be faced on the way. Better planning is needed to avoid this. The most important thing is to take good care of your motorcycle. Let us see what are the things to be kept in mind while going on a long drive by bike.

These 5 tips will make your long trip memorable

Engine Oil: Ignoring engine oil can be costly. Make sure to check the engine oil of the bike before going on a long trip. Dirty or old engine oil can cause problems during long journeys. So it would be better to change the oil. Always use good quality engine oil and add quantity according to requirement.

Check Tires and Wheels: Tires and wheels are among the most important parts of your bike. Hence the condition of tires and wheels should be good. Check that the air pressure in the tire is at the right level and there is no puncture.

Brakes: Before going on a long journey, it is necessary to check the brakes of the bike. Lest it happen that the brakes do not work when needed. So make sure that the brakes of the bike are in good condition. Change the brake pads when needed, so that your journey is safe.

Fuel Tank: If you have to go on a long ride, then it is necessary to have enough oil in the bike. So it is better to fill the fuel tank of the bike. While filling the oil, also check the fuel filter and fuel line.

Air Filter: The air filter is mostly ignored, but it is one of the important parts of the bike. The air filter prevents dirty air from entering the engine. If this is not the case then there may be a fault in the engine. So check its condition and change it if needed.

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