Bike Tips: Keep these things in mind before going on a bike trip with your partner


Bike Tips: पार्टनर के साथ बाइक से ट्रिप पर जाने से पहले इन बातों का रखें खास ध्यान

Keep these things in mind before going on a bike road trip with your partner, the fun of the journey will double (Photo: Unsplash)

Bike Maintenance: Going on a bike ride in summer can be a bit more difficult than in a car. It is that time of the year when many bike riders go on long drives with their partners. But to avoid any trouble during this ride, you should keep these things in mind. Own bike maintenance Follow these steps for. After this your journey with your partner will become even more fun.

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Top up engine oil

It is very important to check the engine oil before going on a trip. Old or dirty engine oil will not work properly, which makes it necessary to check the oil and replace or refill it as needed. Having the right engine oil and adding the right amount of oil makes the engine run properly.

check tires and wheels

Tires and wheels are often overlooked but tires are an essential part of both a car and a motorcycle. Check that the wheels and tires are in good condition and that both the tires have the correct air pressure. Before starting the journey check the tires to avoid any puncture.

check brakes

Before going on a bike ride, check whether the brakes of your bike are in good condition or not. For this, get your bike checked by a mechanic and get the brakes of the bike tested. Also, if the brake pads are too thin and worn, replace them.

After following these tips, you will not face any problem in going on a trip by bike. Before leaving, you have to take care of all the things written above and get them changed as per the need.

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