Bill 6 thousand, cut 9 million! Yet the buyer is not unhappy

BanglaHunt Desk: Went to the store to buy things, bill 6 thousand. After paying the bill, he returned home and saw that nine lakh rupees had been deducted Not online fraud, the huge amount of money has been deducted from the shop by mistake.

The incident took place in Chicago, USA. Nick Blanusha recently went to a store in South Loop to fetch some groceries. Items purchased cost ড 90 (about Rs 6,853 in Indian currency). The staff at the counter also said they had been billed ৯ 90 twice. After paying the price on the card, he returned home and found that 11,552 US dollars (about 860,000 rupees in Indian currency) had been deducted.

After that, if Nick goes to the store and complains, the store staff may misunderstand. They admit the mistake, Nick said the money will be back in his account in four to five days. But Nick said he has to pay a few bills up front. It also includes phone bills, parking lease money. So Nick needs money very soon.

On behalf of the store, Nick was paid ড়াই 250 (about Rs. 19,000 in Indian currency) to cover his financial problems at the time. Later, however, the whole money was given to Nick by the store The price of the items bought by Nick was not taken. Even if there is a financial loss at this time, the shop will also compensate. All in all, after suffering a little, Nikai played the molasses of profit in the end.