Binod became Paytm on Twitter, the shocking information came out, why #Binod is going viral


BanglaHunt Desk: If you are active in social media and are a lover of ‘meme’, then by now you must be familiar with the name ‘binod’. One thing that is trending on social media right now, (trending) is entertainment. Every video, entertainment in photo comments, entertainment in YouTube video comments, even many videos are being spammed with this name.
But who is this entertainment? Why did he become so famous overnight? Why are there so many memes about entertainment on social media? Lots of questions. The answer to all this is hidden in just one comment of a YouTube video. This is the origin of this entertainment storm.
In fact, in a video on a YouTube channel called Slayypoint, one person commented with his own name, 'Binod'. Surprisingly, the man also got seven likes in the comment. That's the beginning. Binod's popularity started from then. Now the names of Binod are scattered on Facebook and Twitter.

#Binod has also taken place in the trending list on Twitter. Insanity has reached such a point that the name of Paytm on Twitter has also been changed to ‘Binod’. Entertainment has changed the name on Paytm's official Twitter account following the trend.

Even the Nagpur City Police and the Mumbai Police have met. Nagpur City Police tweeted warning about Corona, ‘Vinod we know you have gone viral but your safety is important. Corona is more famous than you. So stay home, stay healthy. '

Mumbai Police also tweeted. “Vinod, hopefully your name is not your online password,” they tweeted. It’s gone viral, change it. ’All in all, it’s just a storm of jokes across social media right now.