Bipasha Basu's black cat says bitter comment by Bebo Kareena Kapoor


Everybody knows that there is a dark debate world behind this glittering world of Bollywood. For one, it is upsetting to comment on other people. A few days ago, Bibi Kareena Kapoor said in front of the camera that Bipasha was a black cat. Bollywood actress did not speak to Bipasha's groom.

Here, he commented on Priyanka's accent. Then Priyanka cleared to say something with the accent. She then spoke like her husband. Salman Khan could not be removed from the list. Salman Khan is not a good actor at all. Kareena Kapoor had earlier informed.

He also said that I give gifts to others. Ramleela informed after leaving the picture. She even comments on multiple actresses. Also, John Abraham commented that people have no acting style.

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