Bipasha is called 'Kali Billi', in which face is the black man protesting against the murder? I do not face severe criticism


BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is fighting over the murder of black people in the United States. Millions of U.S. citizens, regardless of white or black, have joined the protest. Georg Floyd, a black American citizen, was strangled to death by a white police officer. Protests are burning in America in protest of that incident.
The flames of that fire have spread to India as well. Several Bollywood stars have protested on social media. That list also includes Kareena Kapoor Khan (kareena kapoor khan). He joined the protest by killing a black man by posting a picture of a magazine cover on his Insta handle. Actress Kangana Ranaut then taunted the stars and asked why they were silent during the assassination of saints in India.

Soon after, Kareena posted two posts on her Insta Story, 'All Lives Matter'. He posted two in the story. In one, Martin Luther King Jr. posted a quote and in the other he mentioned Dalits, Muslims, women, migrant workers.

However, I did not get rid of the trolls. Many complained that he had never been seen to open his mouth about any of India's internal affairs before. On the other hand, a part of Kareena's quote addressed to Bipasha. It is learned that Kareena had teased Bipasha as 'Kali Billi' during the shooting of a film. The netizens have now taken the actress by the hand by raising that issue.

Incidentally, Kangana has made a sharp joke when she saw the protest of the black killing of Bollywood stars. In an interview, he compared Floyd's murder to that of a saint in India and asked why no one said anything at the time. He further complained that the sadhu assassination took place in Maharashtra where most of the stars live.
The actress said it was a shame. Bollywood stars just want to imitate Hollywood. Everyone wants to be famous for 2 minutes.