Biryani for patients in Ramadan, the hospital will have Wi-Fi! The announcement was made by the state government


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Telangana government has instructed the hospital to provide nutritious food to 19 Kovid Muslim patients who wish to visit during the month of Ramadan. Officials have given this information. Officials said the government has instructed the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad in this regard.

Gandhi Hospital is the nodal center for Kovid-19 patients. Muslim patients at the hospital have been asked to provide nutritious and balanced meals before and after sunset. Let me tell you, Muslims do not even take water on the day of Ramadan. This month is very sacred for them and patients can express their desire to fast this month.

According to a temporary menu, patients will be given bread, rice, pulses and vegetables during Ramadan at 3.30 am during Ramadan. Along with this, chicken and mutton will be given on alternate days. When breaking the fast, they will be served rice or vegetable biryani with tomato sauce and chicken fry.

According to a Hindustan Times report, patients will be given chicken biryani, white rice, vegetables, pulses and eggs on alternate days. A health official said, “Muslim patients fighting corona will be given this diet to maintain protein and carbohydrate levels in the body and to maintain immunity in the body.”

Other patients of Kovid-19 will also be given good food at the hospital. The food will include idli, bread and jam, rice sambar and yoghurt. Vegetarians will be given eggs and chicken once a day. All patients will be given dry food such as nuts, cashews and dates.

Oranges, lemons and bananas will also be given to increase immunity. All patients will be given bottled mineral water. Biscuits will be given twice a day along with tea. The health minister said all patients would be given food in clean packets. “We are giving patients free Wi-Fi and they are allowed to use their mobiles,” he said.