BJP leader's son threatened the police! Dad cleaned the road as a punishment! The video is viral


Bengali Hunt Desk: Madhya Pradesh BJP leader and former minister's son Ripduman Singh Tomar took to the streets without a mask in the Corona crisis. Seeing him walking around without a mask, the police stopped the BJP leader's son and questioned why he did not wear a mask. Soon after, the BJP leader's son got into an argument with the on-duty police.

Police on duty captured the video of the incident on their mobile phones. And the son of the BJP leader confronted the police about that. He even scolds the police. Ripduman says in a threatening tone, are you taking pictures of me? I'll take a picture of you.

It does not stop here, the good son of the BJP leader. He called someone from there and ordered us to call this constable to our bungalow. Explain who I am?

The father of this gifted boy who threatened the traffic police is Pradhumn Singh Tomar. When this incident reached the ears of the BJP leader, he gave a fancy punishment to his son. Pradyumna Singh clears the road with his good son due to rudeness and quarreling with the policeman.

He even fined the boy 100 rupees and forced him to apologize to the policeman. The video of her work went viral on social media. After the video went viral, everyone was full of praise for the BJP leader. Even the politically hostile Congress applauded Pradyumna Singh's move.