BJP MLA broke lockdown rule: distributed vegetables on birthday occasion


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken stern action against the Corona virus. He has locked down the service for the next 20 days, to keep it normal and under control. But this time on the occasion of his birthday, BJP MLA Dadara also distributed cereal.

Coronary infection can occur in many people due to breaking the rules and distributing food. Many people gathered outside the BJP MLA's house to provide food on this day. The incident has happened in Maharashtra. And Maharashtra has the highest number of infections. BJP MLA in Wardha district of Maharashtra violated lockdown rules to prevent coronary virus infection.

At least one hundred people gathered outside the MLA's house to get food for free. Every day, every Indian is still in awe of the Nizamuddin gathering. Later that day, police and administration officials arrived at the scene and dispersed them.

But even after all this, the MLA said it was a political conspiracy by the opposition parties against him. No such incident has happened.

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