BJP MLA evicts vegetable seller for using Hindu name! The video is viral


Bengali Hunt Desk: Coronavirus infection is on the rise across the country. And even then some people are not stopping Hindu-Muslim politics. A similar case came up from Uttar Pradesh. There is a controversy over Brij Bhushan Sharan, the BJP MLA from Charkhari. A video (Viral Video) came out on Wednesday, showing him leaving a vegetable area. Allegedly, the vegetable grower was selling vegetables using Hindu names even after he became a Muslim.

BJP MLA Brijbhushan Sharan was at his Gomti Nagar residence in Lucknow. Just then he saw a vegetable seller entering the alley. The vegetable seller had neither gloves nor a face mask. When the MLA asked the name of the vegetable seller, the vegetable seller said his name was Rajkumar.

The MLA then showed the vegetable seller hot and threatened to beat him. His son was also with the vegetable seller. When the MLA wanted to know his name, he said his name was Azizur Rahman in front of the vegetable seller. The BJP MLA then threatened the vegetable seller not to come to the area.

MLA Brijbhushan said, “Yes, I threatened him because he was lying.” He gave his name as Rajkumar, but his real name was Rehemuddin. He had neither mask nor gloves. He also said that many vegetable sellers in Kanpur, Lucknow and Agra were found to be corona positive. So we should be careful.