BJP MLA responds to lamp burning with torch in hand


The BJP MLA united his followers, and marched down the sidewalk. Tiger Raja Singh is the head of the task. He is the only BJP MLA from Telangana. Last night, with the torch tied up, the team started to get enough ketchup in its name. Locked down everyone is a prisoner of houses and the BJP leader himself or herself is doing so.

He likes to be in the debate all the time. He has also been accused of delivering multiple hateful and controversial speeches before. In a video message on Friday, Prime Minister Modi made a special request to the countryman.

Next Sunday, 9th, everyone requested to have at least 1 minute to light a candle or lamp. HD Kumaraswamy, the JDS leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister, gave an explanation on Twitter, saying that the BJP's founding day on April 7.

Modi is forcing the country to celebrate the occasion on the night of April 7 by lighting a lamp in the name of Corona confrontation. Many have raised multiple questions on April 7, and last night saw many marching on the streets. Someone is raising the lantern again. Many others also burst into flames.

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