BJP spreads virus of communalism and hatred amid corona panic: Sonia Gandhi


Banglahunt Desk: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is busy with communal bias even in the midst of the Corona crisis, alleges Congress party president Sonia Gandhi. He said, ‘In a country where everyone is fighting unitedly against some viruses (COVID-19), the Bharatiya Janata Party is busy spreading the virus of communal prejudice and hatred.

He slammed the BJP, saying, “I want to share with you what all Indians should know. While we are fighting the corona virus together, the BJP is engaged in spreading the virus of communal prejudice and hatred. Our social harmony is being severely damaged. That's why our team has to work hard. “

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi has demanded partial action to tackle the corona virus crisis, adding that the Center should announce immediate relief to help small, medium and medium enterprises and farmers. In a video conference via CWC, Sonia said that 120 million people had lost their jobs in the first phase of the lockdown. In such a situation people have to send 7500 rupees to their account for help.

Sonia, the interim president of the Congress, said, “The Corona epidemic is becoming more dangerous. Some sections of our society, especially farmers, workers, migrant workers, construction workers and people in the unorganized sector have faced many problems. “Trade, industry and commerce have come to a complete standstill and the livelihoods of billions of people have come to a standstill.”

Sonia said, “It is unfortunate that the Center has taken partial action in this situation. We have repeatedly requested the Prime Minister to investigate the coronavirus, identify those who come in contact with the patient and keep them in quarantine. “Unfortunately, investigations are still very limited and the supply of test kits is low and those that are available are found to be defective.”