BJP will feed Karnataka with milk worth Rs 23 crore daily, this is how the boat will sail across!


कर्नाटक को रोज 23 करोड़ रुपये का दूध पिलाएगी बीजेपी, ऐसे पार लगेगी नैया!

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Before the Karnataka assembly elections 2023, the Bharatiya Janata Party has released its manifesto. Many free schemes have been announced in the manifesto, but the scheme announced by the BJP has surprised everyone. That is, half a kilo of Nandini’s milk will be given free of cost to every BPL family in the state. By the way, the current government wanted to get Amul’s entry in the state while Nandini was in Karnataka, but the effort could not be successful. Now BJP is trying to make an effort to overcome the electoral tyranny by making the same aadhar. Many questions have arisen after this announcement. Firstly, how many BPL families are there in the state? Second, if the BJP government returns to power in the state, how much money will it spend to provide free milk to BPL families? And how much will this expenditure increase in five years of power?

Announcement to give half liter milk free to BPL family

BJP has said in its manifesto that if BJP returns to power again, the government will start ‘Poshan’ scheme. Under this scheme, the government will give half a liter of Nandini milk daily to BPL families. This scheme has many meanings. By announcing this scheme, BJP has made it clear that it has no dispute with Nandini milk. Some time ago, the BJP government of Karnataka was going to get the entry of Gujarat’s Amul milk in Karnataka. Which was strongly opposed by the opposition. Opposition leaders had said that Nandini would have to suffer a lot due to this. After which the BJP government was in a lot of trouble in the Nandini and Amul controversy.

BJP released manifesto for Karnataka elections, know what were announced?

BJP will feed milk worth 23 crores daily

According to the data of the Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department, the number of BPL families is 1,17,33,766. And the cost of half a liter toned Nandini milk is Rs 20. Half a liter per day to each family means that the government will have to bear a burden of more than Rs 23.46 crore. The government will have to spend more than Rs 700 crore to give half a liter of Nandini’s milk to BPL families every month. Talking about the whole year, the government will have to spend Rs 84,48,31,15,200 on feeding Nandini milk. If the government runs for five years, then the government will have to spend Rs 42 thousand crore more to feed Nandini milk to BPL families.

Why the ruckus about Amul and Nandini in Karnataka elections?

Nandini’s network in Karnataka

It is not for nothing that BJP is soft on Nandini in Karnataka. Nandini Milk has a huge network in the state. The company’s network covers more than 20 thousand villages. There are more than 14 thousand corporate societies under Nandini along with more than 24 lakh milk producers. Looking at the company’s network, no barrier of rules and regulations has been erected in front of anyone in power in the state. Even the state government buys more than 80 lakh kilos of milk from Nandini. In such a situation, the importance of Nandini is no less than that of any big IT company in the state.

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