Blessed self-isolation, the couple floating in the water for a long time did not know about Karona!


BanglaHunt Desk: It's like a well. Which has no contact with the outside world. He was preoccupied with himself and his world. The story of this couple is similar. They have been wandering in the sea for a long time, away from the earth, isolated. You don't even know about the corona virus. He regained consciousness and came ashore.
It is better not to tell a story but to tell it real. Ilina Manighetti and Ryan Aubourne, both husband and wife. They live in Manchester, Britain. They were employed just like the uneducated. But at one point in his daily monotonous life he became breathless. He decided to quit his job. Work as you think. The husband left his job and went on a world tour with his wife. Again on the waterway, the companion is a boat.
They made it clear to the family that communication could be maintained but that no bad news should be given. They don't want to spoil the fun. This incident happened in 2016. Ilina and Ryan have been floating in the sea since leaving their jobs. He set sail from the Canary Islands for the Caribbean Islands last month. The couple arrived on an island in the Caribbean Sea 25 days later.

So far so good. It was shocking to see the port sealed. That's when they found out what had happened on the ground. Ilina and Ryan write on a blog called Sailing Kittyweek. There they wrote about their experience, ‘When we came to the port we found out that deadly diseases had spread all over the world. Lockdown is going on in almost all countries. All the people are under house arrest. '
Ilina told a foreign newspaper that they heard about a virus in China in February. But he thought the danger would be over by the time he reached the Caribbean. Unable to enter the Caribbean island port, they turned the boat around and headed for Grenada. Get internet connection there. Get detailed news then.
Ilina said he has a girlfriend on St. Vincent's Island. That's where they were going. When contacted 10 hours before arriving at the port, he said the couple would not be allowed into the port because Ilina was an Italian national. Then by showing the travel history on GPS, they prove that they have no contact with Italy for a long time. Then they were allowed to enter the port. Ilina and Ryan are now on Vincent Island.