Blinking of eyes is a bad omen, know its reason and the truth behind it


आंखों के फड़कने से होता अपशकुन, जानिए इसके कारण और इसके पीछे की सच्चाई

myths about eyesImage credit source: Pixabay

In your childhood, you must have heard many such things, which you may have found strange to hear, but due to compulsion, we have to accept them as true, but when the truth of things that were forced to be convinced becomes known after growing up, then there is nothing true in it. It would have been, these things have been said only with time. We all must have heard one such thing in our childhood and that is if something bad will happen to us if your eyes blink?

Even though it may sound strange, but you must have heard about it, but there is absolutely no truth in this matter. According to scientists, eyes are an important part of our body, if they are not taken care of properly, then we have to face many problems in them. If timely treatment and care is necessary. Now there are many reasons for this.

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why this problem occurs

According to the doctors, if you take more tension than necessary and because of that you are not able to sleep properly, then it is also very harmful for your eyes. Apart from this, due to eye fatigue, any kind of problem in the eyes or due to allergies, the eyes also flutter. Along with this, if you work too much on computer and phone, then due to that also the eyes start fluttering.

If you are troubled due to twitching of eyes, then we have a solution for this. Due to which the blinking of the eyes will stop in no time. For this, do small exercises for your eyes, keep your hands away from your eyes, you will get relief soon.

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