Blinkit Strike: Zomato’s bet backfired, more than 1000 delivery boys caught other companies


Blinkit Strike: जोमैटो का दांव पड़ा उल्टा, 1000 से ज्यादा डिलीवरी बॉय ने पकड़ी दूसरी कंपनियां

Blinkit Strike Today: Blinkit, the delivery app owned by Zomato, is facing tremendous opposition. The company has significantly reduced the incentive given to the delivery boy. Now the delivery riders also got angry and started working in other companies.


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Blinkit Strike News: By reducing the incentive of the delivery boy blinkit Looks stuck. Over 1,000 delivery riders from Delhi-NCR participated in the second delivery Holding the hand of companies. Blinkit has got a big blow due to this. according to reports Zomato Blinkit’s riders have joined quick-ecommerce companies like Swiggy Instamart, Zepto and BB.

In fact, earlier this month, Blinkit had changed the payment plan for riders who deliver delivery orders. As a part of the changes, the company has reduced the payout of the riders significantly. Delivery boys strongly opposed this decision and went on strike. Due to the shutdown of work for many days, there was a lot of difference in the business of the company.

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Blinkit reduced payout

Blinkit fixed a minimum charge of Rs 15 per trip for delivery riders depending on the distance. Earlier it was fixed at Rs 25 per delivery. Apart from this, Rs 7 per trip was also available in peak-hour. Blikint delivery workers have started protesting after the reduction in incentives. He alleged that the company has reduced his earnings.

Blinkit stores remain closed in Delhi-NCR

The effect of Blinkit riders’ protest was seen in Delhi-NCR. Many dark stores and micro warehouses in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram and Faridabad remained closed. Even after lakhs of efforts of the company, many warehouses remained stalled. Blinkit has around 200 warehouses in Delhi-NCR, from where goods are delivered within a radius of 2.3 km.

One third left the company

Before the strike, Blinkit had around 3,000 delivery executives in Delhi-NCR. According to the Economic Times report, after a week-long protest, about one-third of these have joined other delivery platforms. Information about how many delivery executives are left with Zomato’s company at present has not been received.

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