Blood stems cut off the finger! In the middle of the lockdown, Daniel is lost with Sunny


BanglaHunt Desk: Terrible thing! Sunny Leone cut her own finger with a knife. Her husband Daniel Weber is screaming in fear. He also came and got scared seeing the situation. But the real incident comes to the fore as soon as the doctor is called.

No, Sunny didn't cut her finger. All of this is actually sorted, pre-planned. And the one who has all this in mind is Sunny herself. He did this to fool Daniel. The actress had earlier said that she was going to do something. Daniel will sit down to write a new song. At this time, he does not pay attention to any other side, said Sunny.

And he has used this opportunity. Needless to say, the fruit also matched. In the caption of the video, Sunny must have said that her finger is intact. He has used a rotten banana to make the matter more real. And that's what Daniel is all about.

Many people know that Sunny loves to have fun. So it is needless to say that he will not do anything to entertain the fans by using his intellect while sitting at home in lockdown. Until a few days ago, Sunny was doing a series of photoshoots. Then started a live show, Lockedup with Sunny. He was seen sitting at home chatting live with various stars. Daniel also assisted him in this task.

With that, the quarrel between the two is going on. A few days ago, Daniel shared a funny video. There he complained that Sunny was not doing any work even though he was sitting at home. Either you are sleeping all the time or you are taking selfies. Daniel even claims that his cooking is not good at all.

But in the middle of the video, Sunny suddenly left. Seeing Daniel do this makes me very angry. He also said that he will take revenge. Sunny took that revenge this time. In fact, he showed what was happening in his house in this lockdown. In the video, he shows Daniel burning while cooking. There is no harm in exercising, just lying down or taking selfies.

In the caption of the video, Sunny wrote, “I have highlighted the truth about you. Daniel spends all his time lying down. However, it is understood that he made this video jokingly. Netizens also had a lot of fun watching this sweet naughtiness of the two.