Bloody France again, three policemen killed in the attacker's random shots! One injured

Bengali Hunt Desk: Again, hemorrhage is France. Three policemen were shot dead by the gunmen. All three policemen were killed. A policeman was also reported injured. According to reports, the attacker is still elusive. Police are searching around to catch him.

Kana is reported to have arrived at a house in the Pie-de-Dome area of ​​central France with allegations of domestic violence. As soon as he reached home, the assailants started firing at the police. Three policemen were killed and one was seriously injured in the attack. The assailant then fled the scene. Police are conducting a search to nab the attacker.

According to media reports, the attacker's wife reported the domestic violence to police. Then he stood on the roof of the house and started shouting. The attacker's wife complained to police that her husband had abused her. She was also arguing with her husband about the children. Police arrived at the house after the incident was reported to the police, and the victim's husband saw the police and fired indiscriminately, killing three policemen and seriously injuring another.