BMC charges Sonu Sood 'criminal by nature', 'poor man's messiah' in illegal construction case

Brihanmumbai Municipality (BMC) has again leveled explosive allegations against Sonu Sood. Sonu or 'criminal by nature'. This is not the first time he has carried out illegal construction work. Due to this, some parts of Sonu's residence were also demolished. This was stated by BMC by filing an affidavit in the Bombay High Court.

Sonu had recently filed an application in the Bombay High Court challenging the BMC. BMC has filed an affidavit in response to that petition. The affidavit claims that Sonu Sood is a criminal by nature. He wants to make his profit by building illegally. That's why they want to turn the demolished part into a hotel by rebuilding. He did it entirely without the permission of the licensing department.

BMC recently filed a complaint against Sonu under the Maharashtra Region and Town Planning Act. The actor was accused of altering, enlarging and changing the structure of a six-storey apartment in Juhu without permission.

The BMC lodged a complaint against Sonu Sood at the Juhu police station on Monday, January 4. It is alleged that Sonu turned the Shakti apartment on AB Nair Road into a hotel without permission. Not only that, BMC has also alleged that Sonu has extended the accommodation as per his plan. The popular actor did not take any permission from the administration.

BMC further said that they had sent a notice to Sonu Sood in this regard. But he did not pay attention. BMC alleges he continued illegal construction. After that they were forced to lodge a complaint with the police.

Sonu filed an application in the Bombay High Court challenging the BMC's notice. He claimed that he had sought permission from BMC. But that permission has not yet been granted in Corona. Sonu built the hotel for the Corona fighters during the lockdown. The actor agreed to convert the hotel into a residence again without permission.