Board President Sourav Ganguly tweeted about the Kolkata police's fight against Corona.


Due to the corona virus, lockdown is going on all over India at the moment, lockdown is going on all over India as well as in West Bengal. And the way the Kolkata Police is working in this lockdown is really commendable. This time, he was overwhelmed by the work of the Kolkata police and thanked them and tweeted the current India captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. On Sunday, Dada tweeted thanking the Kolkata police.

Thanking the Kolkata Police, Sourav Ganguly tweeted, “The Kolkata Police has been doing a very good job in the lockdown. I thank the Kolkata Police for the way it has served in this crisis.” Even in the midst of this lockdown, the police administration is working for the common man at the risk of their own lives. ” Sourav Ganguly's tweet also included pictures of several policemen on duty that night.

Following Sourav Ganguly's tweet, Kolkata Police Commissioner Anuj Sharma retweeted. Mayor Anuj Sharma wrote on Twitter that many thanks to Sourav Ganguly for inspiring Kolkata Police in this way, this tweet of Sourav Ganguly will give more encouragement to Kolkata Police in the fight against Corona.