Bollywood singer Sanu Nigam's old tweet going viral in Dubai! Demands for arrest arose


Bangla Hunt Desk: Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam doesn't come in the headline anymore. But suddenly today he is trending on Twitter. It should be noted that Sanu Nigam has been trapped in Dubai due to Corona virus and lockdown. Demand for Sanu Nigam's arrest was made on social media on Tuesday. Now you may be wondering what did Sanu Nigam do in Dubai that demand for his arrest? So know the real thing…

Sanu Nigam objected to playing loudspeakers on his Twitter account about three years ago, as he said he was facing a lot of problems with Azan's voice. Sonu Nigam's three-year-old tweet shared that he is now demanding arrest. Let me tell you, Sanu Nigam had informed a few days ago that he is stuck in Dubai due to lockdown. Sanu is doing online concert from there.

Now there is a lot of jokes on Twitter about Sanu Nigam. Some users are asking Sanu, how is Sanu Nigam tolerating the call to prayer now? Not only that, some are asking where is Sonu Nigam now?

After getting stuck in Dubai, a commotion has started on social media about Sanu Nigam. And for this reason, Sanu Nigam has closed his Twitter account.

Sanu Nigam would have been woken up by the call to prayer on loudspeakers, and then in 2016, Sanu Nigam demanded the removal of loudspeakers from religious places. And Sanu also made several tweets from her own tweet account. And for this reason, an Imam from West Bengal issued a fatwa against Sanu Nigam.

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