Bollywood star's children snatch the opportunity of others, Yami Gautam detonated the bomb


Bangla Hunt Desk: Yami Gautam is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. Her new movie 'Ginny Wades Sunny' has started streaming on Netflix from October 9. In an interview with a news outlet promoting the film, Yami opened her mouth about Bollywood's nepotism controversy. According to the actress, favoritism is a bigger problem in Bollywood than nepotism.

In Yami's words, “It is said that there is nepotism in all professions. There is only one difference. If the son of a doctor wants to be a doctor, he will get all the help in terms of his studies. But in the end he has to give the test. There 2 + 2 is always 4th. But the film industry is different. It can be 2 + 2 10 here. It is a place of new creation. ”

Yami said that he sees nepotism in Bollywood with a slightly different eye. According to him, it is normal for children to want to go to the film line after seeing their parents. On the other hand, if parents want to launch their child in a movie, no one can say anything about it.

However, Yami has made strong remarks against Bollywood's nepotism. He said, “It is not right to nurture relatives or take away the opportunity of others. Not only have I lost opportunities to star children, I have also lost opportunities to actors who are not in the industry. Only they can communicate well or speak well. ”

Yami thinks all actors should be given equal opportunities. If someone is given more opportunities then the competition will not be equal. Such is the speech of the actress. Yami said, “Competition is equal when given equal opportunities in terms of talent and merit. But it is not right to judge someone on the basis of nepotism or nepotism. ”