Bonus announcement The Modi government has allocated Rs 3,736 crore for over 3 million central government employees

A week ago, the Modi government announced the leave travel concession. This time during the festival, bonus was announced for over 3 million workers. The money will reach the workers next week. 3 thousand 738 crore has been allocated.

Corona is almost at the bottom of the country. Railways, one of the main sources of income for the government, have been closed for almost six months. In this situation, the Modi government was skeptical about whether it would give any bonus to Pujo. Central government employees also announced that they would be forced to go on strike if they did not receive bonuses It is believed that the Modi government was forced to pay the bonus under that pressure.

Employees of companies like Railways, Banks, Post Offices, EPFO, ESI are getting productivity bonus. The number of recipients of productivity bonus is about 16 lakh. The government will spend Rs 2,891 crore for this. Besides, Rs 947 crore will be spent to give bonus to the remaining 13 lakh workers.

Let me inform you that only one week ago, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the leave travel concession. 36 thousand crore has been allocated. The central government is also giving an additional Tk 10,000 in advance to the workers before Pujo. That money can be spent till next June. Employees will be able to return the money to the center in 10 easy installments.