Books, houses, videos go viral, Sonu promises help


BanglaHunt Desk: Everything has been washed away by the floods. Sonu Sood stood next to a young woman from Chhattisgarh after watching a viral video. He promised to bring a new house and books. That video and Sonu's tweet are now viral on social media.

The video is from Komla village in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh. Anjali's house was destroyed in the flood, the books were washed away. As can be seen in the video, Anjali is weeping as she survives the flood.

One journalist shared the video on Twitter. He said that Anjali's house was completely destroyed in the flood. He further said that a team has been sent from the local administration to help him.

Since the tweet is viral, many people want help by tagging Sonu Sood. The actor also replied immediately. He wrote, ‘Sister, wipe away the tears. Books will be new, houses will be new. 'After that, netizens praised Sonu Sood.

Incidentally, the actor took the initiative of a great work before. He decided to repatriate 39 children from the far-flung Philippines to India for a liver transplant. It is very important for these children to come to Delhi for liver transplantation. Sonu took the initiative to bring these children from the Philippines to Delhi.

Asking the actor for help, one person tweeted, ‘It is very important for these children from the Philippines to reach Delhi so that their lives can be saved by having their livers replaced. These children suffer from a disease called biliary atresia. FICCI Philippines has taken the initiative to help these children. But some children died because there were no planes. We need a plane for 39 people. '

Sonu immediately wrote in reply to the tweet, ‘Let’s save these precious lives. They will be brought to India in the next two days. Pack the bags of these 39 children. 'It is known that all these children are only between one and five years of age.