Born in lockdown, the parents named their daughter's baby as a strange name


BanglaHunt Desk: The newborn baby is named after the coronary virus (COVID-19). Quarantine was named after the newborn daughter by her father Matai. Earlier, the newborns born in lockdown were named after the Corona crisis. And this time it's quarantine. Father Raju Pal said that they kept this name to remember the children born in the lockdown.

The central government has announced a second round of lockdowns to keep citizens healthy in the wake of the Corona virus crisis. All traffic is closed at this time. Citizens are urged to use masks when they go out in urgent need. And they have been told to maintain social distance between themselves.

Raju Pal returned home on March 25 after receiving news of a pregnant wife in lockdown. They are residents of Mohalla Anandpuri in Muzaffarnagar city. Run a cement shop there. About eight years ago, Raju Pal was tied to marriage with Anita, a resident of Najibabad. Almost eight years after the marriage, the husband returned home in the lockdown after reports of his wife becoming pregnant. They named her daughter Quarantine alias Corona Kumari to remember the child born during the crisis.

After the birth of the daughter, father Raju Pal said that they had decided to name the lockdown as a boy. If you have a girl, you will name it Quarantine They named Quarantine, alias Corona Kumari, as the daughter was born. Girl is born in difficult times. That is, now everything is closed, it is mandatory to have a house locked in order to survive. So they named the child to remember this time.

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