Boxer Vijender Singh shouts to Modi government in support of farmers, says Khel Ratna award will be returned


Bangla Hunt Desk: Farmers in Haryana and Punjab have been protesting on the streets of Delhi for several days. Opposing the agriculture bill, they are holding one rebellion after another against the central government. Many veteran athletes from Punjab and Haryana have been supporting the farmers' revolt from the very beginning. This time, Indian boxer Bijendra Singh directly supported the farmers' revolt.

This time, Indian boxer Vijendra Singh stood directly next to the farmers in support of the agriculture bill. At the same time, he shouted directly against the central government. Bijendra Singh said he would return the Khel Ratna award if the agriculture bill was not withdrawn soon.

From the very beginning, Indian boxer Bijendra Singh has been supporting the farmers' revolt. He has given the message to stand by the farmers in various ways on social media. He even issued a video shouting against the Modi government. Modi directly told the government, “Where farmers make everything in the country, farmers are being deprived of all opportunities. If the people form the government and the government goes the other way, it will not take long for the government to fall. ”

Today, he joined the peasant movement on the Haryana-Delhi border and said directly, “If the central government does not repeal this law, I will return the Khel Ratna award.” Which is the highest honor in the life of an Indian athlete. ”