'Boycott China app if you love your country'

BanglaHunt Desk: Monami ghosh is the most popular face on Bengali television. People have been watching him on TV series for a long time. She is also a very busy actress. But even so, Manami did not forget to entertain the fans. He occasionally shares videos on his social media handle by tiktok videos. The video goes viral to see. But this time the actress has to face criticism for making this tick.

Manami recently shared a talkative video on her Insta handle. And that's where the netizens demanded a boycott. Many have commented, boycott this app if you love your country.

In fact, many people, both indirectly and indirectly, have been exposed to China because of the size of the Corona epidemic. Since the virus was first discovered in China's Wuhan province, many people think that the whole thing is brain-driven and intentional in China.

The economy of the country has been hit hard because of the coroner. That is why a group of people have voiced their plans to establish China's sovereignty. That is why they have demanded to boycott Chinese apps like Tiktok.

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Do anything but let it produce joy…

A post shared by Monami Ghosh (@monami_ghosh) on Apr 9, 2020 at 10:40 am PDT

The second round of lockdown has started in the country since April 3, which will continue till April 3rd. The stars have been active on social media sitting in this house. Manami is also on the list. He has always entertained the fans with his dance.

Manami had won the hearts of everyone before singing. Everyone was surprised to hear the song 'Mai koi aisa geet ga ki aarju jagau' in his sweet voice. So far more than 1 million people have watched this video. This song by Tumul Viral Manami on social media.

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