Brad Hogg Who is the best fielder in current cricket? He is an Indian.


One Indian cricket fan asked Aussie spinner Brad Hogg, which of the three fielders was the best fielder in the Indian cricket team – Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Ravindra Jadeja and Suresh Raina? Aussie spinner Brad Hogg picked up the best fielder of the Indian cricket team while answering the question of that cricket fan.

Indian cricket has given birth to various talented fielder in world cricket at different times. Recently, Virat Kohli, Jadejad's fielding has caught the attention of many. In reply to the cricket fan's question, Hogg said, “These four Indian fielder are phenomenal. If I were a bowler, all four would be inside the circle. But if one of these four men has to be taken apart, I will take Jadeja. “

In the context of Jadeja, Hogg said Jadeja is a great fielder in current cricket. Jadeja over all the catches. Many were fascinated to see Jadeja fielding. According to Hogg, calling Jadeja the best fielder of the current era would not be wrong.

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