Bread Pakoda Maggi: Woman tortured with Maggi, people said- ‘It is better to remain hungry than to eat it’


Bread Pakoda Maggi: महिला ने मैगी के साथ किया अत्याचार, लोग बोले-

Food Experiment: Maggi is one of the most loved food items across the world. Due to which a lot of experiments are done with it. One such food experiment has become a topic of discussion among people these days.

As soon as the name of Maggi comes, water comes in every person’s tongue. Be it kids or adults everyone loves Mangi like their first love. Some like this dish dry, while some like watery Maggi. Maggi is the most favorite food of people living alone. This is the reason that many experiments have been done with this dish. But after seeing the atrocities that are happening with Maggi these days in the name of experiment, believe me, the anger of Maggi lovers is reaching the seventh sky.

It is said that food has a direct effect on our mind. If your food is good, then our mood becomes good, whereas if the taste of food is not good, then it also gets spoiled. Especially when this experiment is done with our favorite food! One such experiment has become a topic of discussion these days. In which a woman made bread pakodas from Maggi. Which looks so much worse in appearance. People are cursing the person who made it.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a woman puts cooked Maggi on top of a bread slice and then dips it in the batter and deep-fries the pakoras in a hot pan. All this is happening exactly as it happens with a normal bread pakoda. Just here Maggi has been added instead of potatoes. When the bread is fully cooked. So it is taken out, cut into three pieces and served with chaat masala on it.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named foodpandits. Which has been liked by more than 65 thousand people till the time of writing the news and lakhs of people have seen this video. Apart from this, many other users are giving their feedback by commenting on this video.

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