Breaking: Coroner vaccine made by Israel, claims the country's defense minister

Bengali Hunt Desk: The global epidemic of corona virus has caused outcry all over the world. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. On the other hand, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett has claimed that the Israeli Defense Biological Institute has developed a vaccine for the corona virus.

Bennett called the Israeli institute's move a “significant breakthrough” in terms of potential medical treatment. He said the institute had succeeded in preparing the coroner's antidote. Israel's defense minister says the vaccine phase is over. And researchers are now patenting it. At the same time, work has begun to produce a large number of these vaccines.

Israel's Biological Institute falls under the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The defense minister visited the institute and after seeing the test results, announced that the vaccine was ready. According to the defense minister, this antidote will enter the human body and attack the corona virus, destroying it in the body.

The statement said that this time the institute is patenting the vaccine. In the next phase, researchers will contact international companies for the production of this vaccine on a commercial level. Although it has not yet been said whether this vaccine has been tested in the human body.