Breaking- Modi government issues new guidelines! Two services discount in Green and Orange Zone


Bengali Hunt Desk: The third phase of the nationwide lockdown is starting from May 4. And in this lockdown, some discounts have been given in Green Zone and Orange Zone. The Union Home Ministry on Saturday clarified that saloons will remain open in the Green and Orange zones of Lockdown Three. E-commerce companies will also be able to deliver non-essential items in all these areas.

Let me inform you, the Ministry of Home Affairs has given permission to extend the lockdown for two weeks on Friday. The lockdown will be extended by two weeks and will continue till April 16. A Home Ministry spokesman said the ban on the sale or delivery of unneeded goods by e-commerce companies in the Green and Orange Zone would be lifted.

The spokesman said saloons would be allowed to open in the area. This discount will be effective from May 4. On the other hand, e-commerce companies in the red zone can only sell or deliver the necessary content. Salon shops will not open in the red zone.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, there are 130 red zones in the country. Uttar Pradesh has the most red zones. There are a total of 19 red zones in Uttar Pradesh. According to statistics, the total number of orange zones in the country is 264. And the number of green zones is 319. On the other hand, all the 11 districts of the state capital Delhi have fallen into the red zone.