Breaking News! Rohit Sharma is going to fly to Australia on Monday after passing the fitness test


Bangla Hunt Desk: Finally all the tangles are cut. Rohit Sharma is going to fly to Australia after recovering from injury. Rohit Sharma has already passed the fitness test at the National Academy in Bangalore. In other words, this time Rohit did not have any difficulty in crossing for Australia on 14th December.

Rohit Sharma is in Mumbai at the moment. Rohit Sharma's injury had created haze for several days. All these questions were circulating whether Rohit will be able to play in any Test and whether he will go to Australia. It is believed that he will be able to play for the Indian team from the third Test match. In the absence of Virat Kohli, which will give a lot of peace of mind to the Indian team.

Although the Indian Cricket Board has not officially announced anything, a media source said that Rohit Sharma will leave for Australia on December 14. He will then return to the field for the third Test on January 7 after a 14-day quarantine session.